Water reuse in the fruit sector

Flume systems: pros and cons

The fruit sector is increasingly using flume systems for product transport. This increases the quality of the fruit because it avoids bruising during transport. At the same time, the superficial dirt is rinsed off. As a result, the wash-water becomes gradually polluted with organic matter, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, fungi or yeasts that are present on the fruit, and after a certain amount of time it is necessary to change the water. A flume system therefore leads to a relatively high water consumption and the associated expense.

Maximise water recycling and reduce your water bill with PureBlue Water

Recycling reduces your water intake and increases the overall sustainability of your business. However, the quality of the wash-water must be assured. The compact Ecodex++ system, with its easy operation, treats the water in your sorting tanks, maximising reuse and reducing your water bill.

Flexible extensions for the removal of pesticides

Discharge of a sorting plant’s wash-water into the sewer is only permitted if 95% of the pesticides have been removed. Our employees have a thorough understanding of ozonation and activated carbon filtration for the removal of pesticides and herbicides. In most cases, a simple extension of the Ecodex++ can take care of this. We analyse your specific situation so that we can offer you the best solution to your water problem.

Your benefits

  • Reuse and sustainability maximisation within your business
  • Reduction in your water bill
  • High and long-lasting quality of your wash-water
  • Flexible expansion possible
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