Keep the quality of your wash-water optimal

The Ecodex++ guarantees the lasting quality of your wash-water. Thanks to a combination of smart technologies, contaminants such as suspended solids, microorganisms and crop protection agents are efficiently addressed in your wash-water. This maximises the reuse of water and helps to reduce your water consumption and corresponding invoices. In addition, your fruit is protected from bacteria, fungi and yeasts. This enhances the quality and shelf-life of your product. Thanks to continuously clean wash-water, your plant remains free from the build-up of contaminants for a longer period, reducing the number of maintenance activities required.

Developed in close cooperation with the fruit processing industry

The Ecodex++ was developed in close cooperation with the fruit processing industry. This easy-to-use and fully-automated installation requires no specific knowledge of water technology and water treatment. When developing our products, we always assume that your focus is on your business, not on water treatment systems.

Clean, disinfected wash-water

With the aid of a micro-bubble system, floating substances, such as pieces of fruit and other solid particles, are removed from the wash-water. The microbubbles propel these substances upward, forming a floating layer, which is then removed. In the literature, this flotation technology is referred to as dissolved air flotation (DAF). PureBlue has optimised this technology through our in-house R&D activities.

The water is subsequently further purified using the Lazur++. This unique technology uses ultra-violet (UV) radiation in combination with ultrasound (US) waves for the disinfection of the water. Read more about this germicidal effect of the Lazur++ here.

The ultrasonic waves cause additional intense shock waves in the water, causing macro-molecular bonds to be broken and the formation of radicals to occur. These radicals break down contamination in the water, such as pesticides. UV-sensitive pesticides are degraded with the aid of the UV radiation. If necessary, the Ecodex++ is easy to expand with ozonation, activated carbon filtration or bioconversion for the further degradation of specific pesticides.

Your benefits

  • Simple operation and automated system with maximum ease of use
  • No specific knowledge of water treatment necessary
  • Reductions in your water usage and water bill
  • Increase in the sustainability of your company thanks to water recycling
  • Increased quality and shelf-life of your product
  • Higher quality wash-water and less odour
  • Less accumulation of dirt in your sorting equipment and thus considerable savings in your maintenance activities
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