UV disinfection for safe and disinfected water

The SonoFlux++ guarantees the ultimate disinfection of your water thanks to the synergistic action of ultraviolet light and ultrasound. As a result, the pathogens present in the water are eliminated very effectively, in comparison with conventional UV-systems. The SonoFlux++ renders all micro-organisms (including spores), viruses and protozoa harmless and guarantees safe and disinfected water. In addition, no harmful by-products are formed, as is the case with chlorine or ozone disinfection.

Synergistic effect of UV and ultrasound for ultimate disinfection

Thanks to the inherent properties of ultrasound, the SonoFlux++ remains completely free of organic and mineral deposits: so there is non of the inconvenience associated with mechanical wipers or chemicals when cleaning the quarts sleeves. This increases the safety of your personnel and reduces operational costs, while still guaranteeing reliable disinfection due to the continuous optimum UV intensity.

The principles of UV disinfection

Ultraviolet light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, not visible to the human eye. This energy-rich and high-frequency radiation damages the genetic material of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The UV light is emitted as UVC with a peak frequency of 253.7 nm. This is also called the germicidal frequency.

The power of ultrasonic waves

The SonoFlux++ differs from conventional systems due to the collaboration between ultraviolet and ultrasound. This interaction produces additional, strong oxidants which further attack the damaged organisms and lead to the complete de-activation of microflora. Ultrasound waves also create an intense cohesion of the water so that every drop and every organism is exposed to the deadly cocktail of UV radiation and oxidants.Thanks to this clever combination of UV light and ultrasound, SonoFlux++ can also perform in water with a low UV transmission, in contrast to conventional systems in which short-circuit currents occur as a result of lower flow rates.

Your benefits

  • Effective UV disinfection of bacteria, spores, viruses, protozoa and also chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Guaranteed clean quarts sleeves and continuous UV disinfection thanks to the cleaning effect of the ultrasound
  • None of the inconvenience of using chemicals, no risk of broken quarts sleeves or time-consuming maintenance
  • Our choice of low pressure lamps results in two to three times less energy use relative to medium pressure lamps and the respective reduction in costs
  • Also operational in turbid water with low UV transmission
  • This sustainable technology is safe for the environment and for your personnel
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