In the agricultural sector, water is widely used for various purposes, such as irrigation, transportation of plant protection products, anti-frost sprinkling, a means of conveyance and as cleaning water for installations. This intense water consumption has an impact on natural water resources and may in time jeopardise both the water supply and agricultural activities. Sustainable water consumption is therefore essential in the agricultural sector.

We bring clarity to the maze of ever-changing legislation and ever-more stringent requirements. Our products contribute to the maximum eco-efficiency of your water management. This yields ecological and economic benefits.

PureBlue Water employees work closely with you and offer you solutions for such issues as:

  • Re-circulation of water with guaranteed long-term quality
  • Water recycling for various purposes
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of iron-rich groundwater
  • Extraction of nutrients from wastewater
  • Removal of pesticides and herbicides from the water before discharge into the sewer
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