After the energy sector, industry is the largest consumer of water. Water is used here as a coolant, means of conveyance, processing agent or solvent. All these applications are grouped under the heading of process water. This implies that there can be vastly different demands on process water depending on the application. For example, the process water in the food and beverage industry comes into contact with food. This results in different quality requirements than those that are imposed, for example, on cooling water.

PureBlue Water meets your needs with solutions tailored to your business. We test on-site with our pilot installations. To optimise your water management, all water flows are vetted at your premises. Our integrated technologies and point-of-use mentality enable the recycling of your process or wastewater. Our innovative applications help you to meet increasingly stringent discharge standards (such as those for micro-pollutants, nutrients and salts, for example). This reduces both your water footprint and your discharge costs.

We enjoy working with you to achieve the best future-oriented financial solution for your investment. You can leave your water management, operational activities and installation maintenance to PureBlue Water.

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