Worldwide, millions of passengers enjoy luxurious vacations on board cruise liners. It is not without reason that this industry is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. In Europe, the river cruise market is also a booming business. Mainly the Danube and the Rhine, but also the Mosel and Rhone reveal their beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages thanks to these river cruises.

It is extremely important that this tourism can continue to flourish while maintaining respect for our inland waterways. To reduce the impact on the environment, regulations are being introduced at both national and international levels that apply to this sector. This means that passenger vessels today are confronted with additional challenges regarding the treatment of their waste.

We offer a total concept that covers the entire wastewater stream of your ship and we make every effort to ensure that you can stay focused on your core business.

  • Vacuum system for the discharge of the toilet water
  • Certified wastewater treatment plant, Innopack++M, complying with RheinSchuO 2012/49 / EU
  • Odour treatment system
  • Grease trap to protect your pipes against cumulative kitchen waste
  • Your peace of mind thanks to PureControl++
  • Maintenance products

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