PureBlue operates both locally and internationally and is widely established in various sectors. Thanks to our innovative solutions, your organisation can reduce its water footprint and operating costs.

  • Process water is used in industry for a wide variety of purposes - as a coolant, for example, or a means of conveyance, as a processing agent or as a solvent, and the quality requirements of the process vary depending on the application. For all these objectives, PureBlue Water has solutions tailored to your business. Our integrated technologies enable water reuse possible and help you to meet increasingly stringent discharge standards.

  • As the fastest growing segment in the tourism sector, the cruise industry is a booming business. It is extremely important that this kind of tourism can continue to flourish while maintaining respect for our inland waterways. Our installations comply with the increasingly stringent legal requirements. We offer total solutions so that you can stay focused on your core business.

  • The agricultural sector is characterised by intensive water consumption. This puts both the existing natural water resources and future agricultural activities under severe pressure. At the same time, the agricultural sector has to cope with many challenges and increasingly stringent laws. PureBlue Water offers eco-efficient solutions that offer you environmental and economic benefits.

  • Urban regeneration and sustainability require intelligent, forward-looking solutions. With new visions, innovative techniques and combinations, we contribute to the urban environment and habitat of tomorrow. Our decentralised package plants offer a cost-efficient alternative to conventional systems.

    Green Cities

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