Effluent polishing

Effluent polishing to strict discharge or reuse standards

From the point of view of sustainability, it is interesting to recycle treated wastewater, for example, as irrigation water. In order to protect the environment and human health, it is important that this recycled water is of sufficient quality. The discharge of treated wastewater into sensitive areas of water also has to meet strict discharge standards as stipulated in the European Water Framework Directive (2000/60 / EC). In accordance with this, PureBlue Water has developed several effluent polishing systems.

With effluent polishing, the secondary effluent from the water treatment plant undergoes additional treatment, which is referred to as tertiary water treatment. Depending on the application, suspended substances and nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrogen, are removed, and disinfection takes place.

Multi-media filtration

In conventional systems, effluent polishing occurs by means of sand filtration with only one medium. By making use of multi-media filtration, PureBlue Water offers a tried-and-tested solution for the biggest shortcomings of the conventional systems. The multi-media filter StratoFlux++ uses four layers of natural materials for the removal of suspended solids. This means that particles of up to less than 1 micron, and their associated BOD and COD, can be removed.


We have extensive expertise in disinfection using ozone and UV. Our engineers define the best and most cost effective solution to your problem.

Advanced oxidation

Our innovative advanced oxidation processes (AOP) remove hardly-degradable substances, such as micro-pollutants, priority substances and medicines.

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