Donation campaign: PureBlue Water supports children's hospital in Manila

In March 2019, Angelo de Mul, director-owner of PureBlue Water, left for Manila in the Philippines with 49 other entrepreneurs. According to Angelo, this was a journey that has made an enormous impact. A completely different world where the gap between rich and poor is particularly large. They were introduced to the National Children's Hospital during their trip in Manila, the Philippines.

National Children's Hospital

The vast majority of children in Manila live below the poverty line. Angelo de Mul: "Per day, the hospital accommodates around 200 children with a variety of disorders. The hospital consists of small, full rooms where it is very hot and where more attention should be paid to hygiene. The necessary resources to take good care of the children are lacking."

Medication & nutrition

Angelo became acquainted with the children's hospital via his good friend and professional associate Robbie Bracke. "Many children have a low chance of survival at the moment. Therefore, medication is urgently needed. Parents have little to no financial resources to afford this health care. Robbie has supported the hospital through his network for years now. All financial contributions have been invested directly in medication and food to strengthen the children" says Angelo.


Angelo and Robbie will be visiting the National Children's Hospital in Manila on November 14, 2019. "By then we will bring medicines, milk, cuddly toys and presents so that the children feel no pain for a moment and can feel like a child again."

We can't do this on our own. This is the reason why PureBlue Water needs your support. With your help, the hospital can offer the children what they need. Namely: the right resources, good care and support. We can guarantee that the donations will be given to the right people at the right place. We donate medication and nutrition to ensure the donations do the most good.

This initiative is closely linked to our mission: returning water to its natural state, for us and for our children.

Yes, I support the National Children's Hospital (please note that this website is in Dutch)

Questions & contact

The hospital, the children, their parents and the PureBlue Water team are extremely grateful for your support. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via or call +31 85 070 3190.

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