PureBlue Water participates in project: "Microbial free water for greenhouse horticulture”

PureBlue Water is happy to give a glance behind the scenes! In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research within the business unit Greenhouse Horticulture & Flower Bulbs and the KWR (Watercycle Research Institute), PureBlue Water participates with four other partners in a two-year research project: "Microbial free water for greenhouse horticulture". This project is designed to control biofilm formation in pipes. Different technologies are being compared during this SonoPure project. PureBlue Water participates in this with a part of the SonoForce⁺⁺, the ultrasonic cleaning module.

Project Approach

In 2018, a standardized biofilm setup and a protocol was developed in order to obtain reproducible biofilm formation. This can be used to determine the treatment strategy against biofilm formation. After this phase, several products will be tested to control biofilm formation and to remove this within irrigation pipes during a crop simulation. The project is a first step towards emission reduction. PureBlueWater is currently testing this SonoPure project.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The SonoPure⁺⁺ converts electrical energy into sound energy at the water. These sound waves will cause vibrations in the water and on the wall of the pipe. As a result, the existing biofilm will be detached and new biofilm does not get a chance to attach itself to the pipe. Besides that, changes will appear within the chemical structure of certain calcium and iron compounds, in order to prevent the formation of biofilm.

Test Phase

The PureBlue Water team is currently testing this SonoPure project. During this test phase we will look at the removal of biofilm from the test set-up of the piping system and its prevention. In addition, different combinations of technologies are used: the use of the ultrasonic technology combined with the use of hydrogen peroxide.

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