Stay tuned: PureBlue Water is moving!

It's official! Owner Angelo de Mul proudly signed the documents for the transfer of two hectares of land on Monday, January 25, 2019. PureBlue is growing rapidly, which includes its own building and new location. The Terneuzen-Zuid business park is a perfect solution for this.

New year, new location

Angelo: “2019 will be a promising year. To be able to achieve our growth objectives, moving into a new building on a more central location is crucial. Our new location is closely related to our sustainability-driven character. Sustainability is key which requires long-term orientation. In addition, a new location creates more space and facilities to focus entirely on our activities and efficiency. This gives innovation the chance to bloom. Besides that, it allows us to keep paying attention to new developments, professionalising and performance improvement. This is important to continually strive for business excellence and guarantee quality and reliability.”

Focus on innovation

With over 21 employees, we strive every day to achieve better results and to focus on innovation, research and development. Angelo: "The coming year is likely to be dominated by keeping focus on the European market. However, we will also open our door to new possibilities in other continents. We are constantly looking for expansion possibilities within several markets. Innovation and reliability play an important role in this. This so-called Lean Manufacturing is aimed to add value without sacrificing productivity. 2019 will have a strong focus on investments in both organizational and communication areas. New systems, both internally as well as externally allows for faster switching of gears between the respective systems. "

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