What PureBlue Water stands for

We stand for sustainability, innovation, quality, ease of use and safety.

Quality, safety and health

Quality and safety are woven into our operational processes and are central to the organisation of our activities both within the company and on-site at our clients’ premises. Our commitment to continuous optimisation is reflected in our ISO 9001: 2008 and VCA * 2008 / 5.1 certification of quality. Our work is always carried out by employees in possession of a VCA certificate. Conscious safety at work is paramount.


PureBlue Water is committed to making use of the most sustainable technologies available to supply clean and safe water. Our focus is on reducing your consumption of water, energy and chemicals and on the recovery of raw materials. This will lower your costs and your impact on the environment.


Our products are the result of our continuous commitment to innovation and optimisation. This is achieved through our own R&D (Research and Development) department and through frequent contact with research institutes and our partners in industry. By having our own research and development team, we can give maximum expression to our mission and our commitment to sustainability.

Ease of use

We design our treatment plants with a view to your convenience. By using simple operating consoles and remote monitoring, we take care of all your operational concerns. Supplementing your business with an additional installation does not mean, by definition, that your operational concerns will increase.

Remote control and monitoring

We build installations with a vision for the future. Good follow-up of our installations is guaranteed through our unique system of remote control and monitoring. Accurate monitoring is of the essence. Your system is continuously fine-tuned to provide maximum performance at minimal expense.

Decentralised package plants

Thanks to the compactness of our container, our decentralised water treatment systems are easily transportable (both on land and sea) and quick to install. These plug-and-play modular units are easy to expand and provide maximum flexibility in their capacity. If the client so wishes, we can, of course, also supply our installations as a skid, or install them on-site.

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