Smart sensoring for sustainable river cruises

Smart sensoring for outstanding performance

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Popular river cruising

River cruises are popular. More than half a million passengers enjoy the slowly changing landscapes and unique travel experiences of European river cruise vacations every year. During these tours, passengers and crew consume and pollute drinking water, which results in the ship’s wastewater. The wastewater is a combination of toilet, sanitation, galley, and laundry water. When discharged untreated into surface waters, the oxygen-consuming wastewater has a negative impact on the environment.

Protecting ecosystems and preserving touristic value

To protect these fragile ecosystems and sustainably preserve their touristic value, we have developed our biological sewage treatment plant InnoPack++ Marine. The performance of the sewage treatment plant is constantly monitored with PureControl++, an online tool for remote control and optimization. It enables us to remotely fine-tune the installations if necessary. This proactive approach ensures that problems are dealt with before they can cause any damage, with clear cost savings as a result. This unique service eases customer’s worries on sewage treatment plant performance.

Find out how it works in our application note

Smart sensoring is a key asset to guarantee our outstanding performance. Read further how it works in our application note.

Smart sensoring for sustainable river cruises
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