• Online monitoring, trend analysis and proactive performance | Thanks to PureControl++, your system is continuously monitored remotely. Automatic alerts sent to employees via text messaging result in rapid and concrete responses. The trend analysis incorporated into our systems and our proactive hands-on approach results in significant cost savings and less on-site intervention.

  • Reuse and water quality | The Ecodex++ guarantees lasting wash-water quality in your fruit-sorting plant. Contaminants such as suspended solids, microorganisms and plant preservatives in your wash-water will be efficiently removed. The water can be reused to the maximum. In addition, your system stays clean for longer, reducing the frequency of maintenance and cleaning operations.

  • Thorough protection for your equipment | PureBlue Water offers you different types of water softeners and associated regeneration salts for the treatment of hard water. Our system provides a thorough protection of your processing equipment against scale build-up through the guaranteed production of soft water. The rinsing cycles are finely tuned to reduce wash-water consumption.

    Water softener
  • Combination of AOP and biological oxidation | MicroForce++ is responsible for the removal of recalcitrant pollution (poorly-degradable COD) of your water, such as AOX, PAH, VOC, medicine residues and pesticides. This patented technology combines biological oxidation with AOP, leading to a robust and cost-effective system.

  • UV disinfection | Thanks to the synergistic action of ultraviolet light and ultrasound, SonoFlux++ thoroughly disinfects your water. The cleaning effect of the ultrasound ensures clean quarts sleeves without using chemicals. This innovative and sustainable technology is safe for the environment and for your personnel.

  • Compact wastewater treatment for ships | This innovative wastewater treatment treats all wastewater produced on board using advanced biological MBBR technology. Both the toilet (black) and sanitary (grey) water, as well as the galley and laundry water is purified to produce a high quality effluent that can be safely discharged in accordance with European standards.

    InnoPack++ M
  • Deepbed mutlimedia filtration | Remove suspended solids with particles of up to less than one micron with the aid of the StratoFlux++. This reliable deepbed multimedia filtration is the most cost-effective alternative to conventional sand filtration. Your benefits are a higher degree of filtration, longer filtration cycles and reduced backwash water consumption.


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