InnoPack++ M

Compact and certified wastewater treatment for vessels

This innovative wastewater treatment for vessels treats all wastewater produced on board using advanced biological MBBR (moving bed bioreactor) technology. The InnoPack++M purifies both the toilet (black) and sanitary (grey) water, as well as the galley and laundry water to produce a high-quality effluent that can be safely discharged in accordance with European standards. The compact design means that the system can be easily installed in technical areas with limited space. Via PureControl++ the installation is monitored and controlled remotely, keeping operational organisation to a minimum.

MBBR: high-quality effluent water

Using advanced MBBR (moving bed bioreactor) technology, the waste substances (COD) present in the water are degraded biologically by bacteria. These organisms are fixed to special carriers with a large active surface, which swirl through the water. This ensures the optimal absorption of oxygen and COD by the bacteria, resulting in highly efficient wastewater treatment. Furthermore, this particular growth on carriers also ensures extra protection of the bacteria, resulting in a very robust wastewater purification system and limited sludge production.

Lower waste-disposal costs and fewer discharge sessions thanks to lower volumes of sludge

The sludge is then separated with the aid of an innovative automated flotation system. A curtain of micro-bubbles floats the sludge upwards and concentrates it, after which it is discharged into the available sludge tank. The lower sludge volumes result in lower disposal costs, fewer waste discharge sessions and smaller sludge tanks.

InnoPack++ M ensures lower operating costs

This wastewater treatment distinguishes itself from the rest due to the total absence of membranes. This means that you eliminate the operational costs of replacing membranes, annual CIP (cleaning-in-place) and unit shutdown. It also means that the system never becomes blocked and you are always guaranteed safe water discharge. The InnoPack++ M is based on sustainable technologies with low chemical consumption. This reduces the impact on the environment and increases the overall safety of your personnel.

Your benefits

  • All the vessel’s wastewater streams are treated with the InnoPack++ M
  • Certified system (RheinSchUO 2012/49/EU) with guaranteed effluent standards
  • Fully automated and continuous monitoring through PureControl++ to minimise operational activities on board the vessel
  • MBBR: Biological, membrane-free system resulting in no operational costs (CIP and replacement)
  • No clogging and guaranteed safe water run-off
  • No start-up and down-time required before and after the sailing season
  • Save time and money thanks to lower sludge volumes and related disposal costs and discharge sessions
  • InnoPack++ M is the most sustainable wastewater treatment for vessels thanks to its limited use of chemicals, also making it safe for the environment and for your personnel
InnoPack<sup>++</sup> M
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