Advanced oxidation of organic compounds

Adsorbable organic halogens (AOX), endocrine disruptors and medicine residues, carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), pesticides and herbicides, are just some of the recalcitrant substances released into our environment. Using advanced oxidation (AOP), this contamination can be efficiently addressed.

The MicroForce++: smart combination of AOP and biological oxidation

From our expertise in advanced oxidation (AOP), we have developed the MicroForce++. This patented technology combines chemical and biological oxidation for the elimination of the recalcitrant organic compounds (COD) in your water. The MicroForce++ treats the water using advanced oxidation (AOP), which produces oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. These radicals randomly attack the particles present in the water. As a result, non-biodegradable molecules are converted into smaller, biodegradable particles. These are subsequently degraded by bacteria in the biological reactor. These micro-organisms are located in a biofilm on carrier systems in this MBBR (moving bed bioreactor). The biofilm protects the bacteria against toxic elements. Thanks to the combination of AOP and biological oxidation, the MicroForce++ is an extremely cost-efficient system.

Pilot Testing: the best solution for your water

PureBlue Water has extensive experience with various AOP techniques based on: Ozone, UV, Fenton processes with iron as a catalyst, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and advanced electrochemical oxidation aided by various anodic materials (DSA, PbO2, BDD, etc.). After a thorough analysis of the water, we carry out tests at your location with a mobile pilot package plant. Various AOP techniques have been integrated into this unit, which allows all possible configurations to be tested. In this way, we can determine the most appropriate solution for your water. Read more about our pilot activities here.


PureBlue Water has profound expertise in advanced oxidation and biological processes. You get the best of both worlds - chemical and biological - with the MicroForce++.

Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient and effective mineralisation of recalcitrant particles
  • Robust technology for peak loads
  • Flexible system with easily expandable capacity, without hydraulic constraints
  • Lower operating costs compared with activated carbon
  • Thorough pre-analysis and testing at laboratory and pilot level
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