Your unit is monitored during the aftersales period

PureBlue Water continuously strives to ease your concerns and your workload with regard to your water treatment plant. To this end, we have developed the fully-automated PureControl++ system. PureControl++ is responsible for online monitoring, automatic notifications and alarms, optimisation, trend analysis, and remote control.

Online monitoring, trend analysis and proactive performance

PureControl++ automatically generates reports that PureBlue Water employees receive by text or mail for example. This results in quick and remedial actions in case of problems. Through online analyses, our engineers remotely monitor and evaluate the operation of your system. Thanks to this service, your installation is continuously tuned and optimised. This proactive approach ensures that problems are dealt with before they can cause any damage, with a clear cost savings as a result.

Easy operation

A touchscreen gives a visual overview of the system. With the aid of this screen, the operator on-site can control the various components of the water treatment unit. In addition, our staff can also operate the touchscreen remotely via a secure connection. PureControl++ simplifies communication and ensures that problems are dealt with quickly.

PureControl++ eases your worries and workload with regard to your installation

  • Online monitoring and automatic alerts
  • Trend analysis and proactive performance
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Monitoring and usage via remote control
  • Expert technical support
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