Deepbed multimedia filtration

The StratoFlux++ is responsible for the removal of suspended solids with particles of up to less than one micron. In this deepbed multimedia filtration, multiple layers of filter media are used instead of a layer of sand as in a conventional sand filter.

Both mechanical forces and the natural Zeta potential of the various media are responsible for the filtration. Due to the specific properties of the filter media, the layers remain in the correct order, even after a backwash cycle.

Cost-efficient filter with excellent effluent quality

The StratoFlux++ is a simple, robust and highly effective system. Your benefits are an improved degree of filtration, a higher filtration rate, longer filtration cycles and reduced backwash water consumption. This results in a cost-effective, high quality filter. The concentrated backwash flow makes alternative processing of this stream highly possible.


The StratoFlux++ is versatile: it can be used for the pre-treatment of well-water or surface water for the production of drinking water, as a pre-treatment for membrane filtration and also as the effluent polishing stage (tertiary treatment) in water reuse.

Flexible and client-specific

By varying the thickness of the media, client-specific applications can be tailored to conform with the quality you require. A higher rate of filtration can be used, for example, resulting in lower investment and operational costs. Due to its limited complexity and automation, the StratoFlux++ is a reliable solution for your water.

Your benefits

  • Easy to use, easy maintenance
  • Economic use of water due to low backwash water consumption
  • Multimedia filtration: multiple layers of filter media provide better filtration quality
  • Compact design due to higher rates of filtration
  • Cost-efficient removal of suspended solids
  • Reduced operational activities thanks to longer filtration cycles
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