Read more about our unique solutions for wastewater treatment, water reuse and water production.

Water production

Each application has specific requirements regarding the quality of the process water. We develop solutions for your water production which are tailored to your organisation and which take account of your quality requirements.

  • Water hardness results in the precipitation of the salts dissolved in the water, such as calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. This undesirable scaling can cause malfunction and loss of efficiency in industrial processes. The associated consequences often involve high costs. Avoid unnecessary expenses by using PureBlue softening.


Wastewater treatment

To protect our aquatic ecosystems and our drinking water supply, wastewater needs to be thoroughly purified before it can be discharged.

  • Medicine residues and other micro-pollutants are transported via urine and faeces into the sewage system and from there into surface water. This can have negative effects on the aquatic environment and drinking water supply. It is expected that the concentrations of medicines will increase significantly in the future due to aging populations and climate change.

    Removal of medicine residues
  • To protect fragile river ecosystems, the discharge of water from passenger vessels must conform to strict standards. We offer you the best solution, which reduces your impact on the environment while ensuring the comfort of your passengers.

    Wastewater treatment for river vessels

Water reuse

Water is precious. Water recycling reduces the operating costs of your organisation and has a positive impact on the environment. Our solutions ensure cost efficiency and safe reuse of water.

  • Legionella pneumophila is a bacterium that can cause severe pneumonia in humans. The infection occurs via the respiratory tract through the inhalation of aerosols (air-borne particles). All sources where aerosol formation occurs therefore constitute a risk of infection. Potential sources of infection are such things as cooling towers, air conditioning systems, fountains, sprinklers and hot tubs.

    Combatting Legionella
  • The use of wet sorting facilities prevents damage to the fruit. During transport, however, this water becomes contaminated with organic material, bacteria, fungi, yeast or crop protection products that are present on the fruit. This means that the wash water has to be regularly changed, which leads to an increase in your water bill.

    Water reuse in the fruit sector
  • Effluent polishing is necessary to make the effluent from a water treatment plant suitable for water reuse, or when the effluent must meet strict discharge standards, such as when discharging into sensitive zones. PureBlue Water can offer a variety of polishing systems, such as multi-media filtration, UV or ozone disinfection and various AOP systems.

    Effluent polishing

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